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Information generate them on the Pilates method


The innovation represented from the method elaborated from Pilates is represented from the strait tie between physical and mental training with the scope to render the aware persons of just the body and the own mind in the attempt to create one single, dynamics and efficient entity.

The importance of the mind in the Pilates method

In the Pilates technique the mind enters in tune with the body, remaining concentrated on what it is happening while happens. The processes d’equilibrio and of postura are not aware and therefore very precise activity of the mind is necessary to acquire of the conscience with one.
The aware control of all the movements of the musculature of the body allows a use more efficient and corrected of the mechanisms of production of the movement legacies several to the levels of the skeletal structure. Pilates obtains this with the complete conscience of the mechanisms works them of the body and the total understanding of the principles of equilibrium and gravity applies to you to every movement in the active state and in the rest, improving the relationship between body and mind.

The Pilates method in the sport

The Pilates method helps to maintain to an equilibrium between force and flexibility assuring the more efficient execution of the movements. If practiced regularly, Pilates increases the force, the flessibilita’, l’equilibrio, the respiratory control, the fundamental resistance, coordination and rhythm, elements in order to prevent lesions. Pilates is sure the ideal method for those who wishes to upgrade and to harmonize muscles.

The Pilates method and the dance

First to experience the effectiveness of the Pilates method they have been the dancers, than they always use it from in order strengthening muscles and to find again the ideal concentration but to they the sportswomen to the taken ones with accidents, personages of the world of the show to the tone search and lost elasticities have joined also and all those persons who try a sure result through the optimization of the time dedicated to the cure of just the body.
The Method of Pilates is in fact the just way to maintain itself in shape with dolcezza. It upgrades, allonge and rimodella the musculature without stressarla, acting priority on the postura.

The secret of Pilates

Through the participation of teaching ultraspecialized and with the particular use it blots some, the Pilates method adapted to all (to case one does not preview four levels, from that base to that superadvanced one) and comes modulated, individually on the single student, through one careful appraisal of the subject to train. They are these secrets of the effectiveness of the Pilates Method.

Applications in the field of the riabilitazione

The necessity of application of the Pilates Technique in riabilitativo field has created the necessity of codifies of new specific protocols.
The complete series of the exercises allows a muscular job not only segmentario, but of coordination of all the corporee regions.

The Pilates method allows to use all the plans spaces them.
The job often comes carried out in drainage, allowing the maintenance of a corrected alignment of the vertebral column.

In Fisioterapia with the use of the Universal Reformer and the Cadillac a premature mobilization of the limb is obtained riabilitare, in whichever condition it finds, or when the patient has difficulty to maintain the position erected.
Whichever type of muscular job is possible with several the tools: with the single exception of the isocinetico job, they are possible is exercises in contraction is in muscular extension.

The exercises can be adapt, without that the base principles snaturati come, to specific requirements in case of particular problems clinicians to you of the vertebral column or for particular it needs in the field of the posturale ginnastica.

The Pilates method is in agreement with the principles of the physiology and the biomechanics.

The practical one of the Pilates method allows an optimal muscular preparation before an eventual surgical participation or can serve like effective method of post-operative riabilitazione.

The versatilità of the tools concurs their fast modification. The resistances can be increased or be diminished with extreme facility.

The program to carry out to own house is modifiable with the added one of small weights.

The method of Pilates Rallenta the aging processes. Approaching itself terz' eta' the body he becomes less agile and flexible. The physical inactivity involves the lessening of the bony density and the volume of lean mass. The exercises of J. Pilates reinforce and lengthen muscles at the same time, helping to develop the just level you of mobility, lean mass and bony density.