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Joseph Hubertus Pilates

Joseph Hubertus Pilates was born in 1880 in Germany, near Düsseldorf. It, as many others to that time assign to you to eccellere for physical performances, initially was a boy of rather gracile physical structure.
J.H.Pilates, taken care from the possibility to contract the tbc, was dedicated hardly to practical of the Body Building the a lot that all’età of 14 years was called to rest for the realization of the anatomical papers of the human body. The study dell’anatomia and the divennero muscular development therefore object of study and integrating part of its adolescence.
Pilates during its permanence in Germany, beyond to the cited studies over, the ski, the underwater and every type of athletic discipline characterized its life.
In the 1912 it was moved in England where undertaken the career of instructor of self-defense for the school of local police, beyond cultivating l’interesse for the boxe and l’acrobatica in a circus of the place.
When the First World war burst, Pilates had interned for a year in the Lancaster together to other connazionali.
During this period lost d’animo and just did not organize l’allenamento and of its companions of imprisonment, refining in such a way its principles on the health and the Body Building.
It had way to boast itself when in the 1918 epidemic un’influenza killed migliaia of English but nobody of those who they underwent to its training physicist contracted murderous l’influenza.
Later J.H. Pilates came transferred sull’Isola of Man where it completely found a different truth from that one that it had previously lived in the Lancaster: soldiers veterans from the battle disable to you from the wounds, entice to you from the diseases, immobilize to you for a long time.
He is decided therefore of give themselves to make to construct machinery that they could serve to the riabilitazione of those persons. He returned in Germany in first years Twenty where he continued to devise equipments for the rieducazione, of which some they are still in use tutt’oggi.
Al.di.là.del its creative engagement, its profession carried it to Amburgo to work for the local police like physical trainer of the recruits and dell’intero police force.
In this period Rudolph von Laban knew, ideatore of the Labanotation (one of the shapes of written recording of ballet more rinomate in the world), which it incorporated part of the job of Pilates nell’impostazione of just the instruction.
Later on, others important personages of the dance took to the Pilates method like reference for their training base.
The Pilates method made income in the world of the dance establishing a relationship destined to last until today; that explains like, to twisted, often has been associated the technique to the single world of the dance.
In the 1925 l’insegnamento of important the Pilates method divenne for the German government who invited it to personally follow the plan of training of the new German army; Pilates determined that was time to leave for the United States d’America.
During the travel young nurse of Clara name knew one that later on divenne its moglie.
Reached New York, Pilates opened a study and began to codify its technique; said first part of technical was centralized exclusively on the Mat Work, that is a series of exercises you execute yourself to free body on a materassino ("mat").
This program came codified in a called book Contrology, original name that same it coined for its technique.
The job however was not reduced to the coding of the extended exercises but to the improvement of particular tools. To the times of its imprisonment in England, in fact, Pilates it applied of the motivatings force to the beds of the patients with the scope to help them to find again and to maintain the tone muscular, while they were still entices to you.
Like result of this idea nacque l’Universal Reformer, l’attrezzo that to tutt’oggi it is part they of the Pilates method centers.
During its job other tools were invent to you therefore like other exercises for the Mat Work.
Pilates died around years Sixty; its study of New York was found from Kryzanowska Roman, student of Pilates and teaching of the method from decades.