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Accessibility and Usability

We have been a lot attention to guarantee a simple use and linear for all but some times not there are resolutions for some limitations or various interpretations of the code from part of the various ones browser.

They have been uses following you accesskey:                                                                                                              alt+1=homepage(firefox)+invio(explorer);                                                                            alt+2=J.H.Pilates;                                                                                                               alt+3=Macchine, equipments, optional;                                                                            alt+4=mappa del sito;                                                                                                       alt+5=accessibility;                                                                                                     alt+6=contact us;                                                                                                         alt+7=the method Pilates;                                                                                    alt+8=fitness

there is the possibility to change the dimension of the text


other suggestions on the usability.